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In how many years will it be updated i have waited a long time

Not sure if you got it yet but 0.7.3 is now available.

how do i start the game

The instructions are cut off in the text box when I play. Just wondering if there's another place to look at them to see the full list.

Just played the beta of the game, and it's very well made I must say!

The game offers a lot of different decisions which makes it really interesting.
If you make one mistake, your chances with that girl are as good as gone! So pick wisely!

It does have quite some difficulty in it, and might require you to start over a couple of times, but in the end, it's worth it!

I did experience some bugs here and there (in later parts) but I'm sure these are removed by now in the game.

Like some others, I also made some videos, feel free to use them for publicity or anything else!


every time i try to install it almost finishes but then stops and restrts


same just looks like its installing then nothing

yeah, same issue

This is just a porno

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i can't install the game it keeps on restarting

Also decided to cover Rachel's story, trully is the longuest atm.

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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Decided to give this another try since it has been released on steam now.

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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It's getting down to the wire! We start the beginning of the end with the silver tuna... RACHEL! 


it doesnt work

Okay I'm so cringy :D

I think the files are corrupted, I can't open it.

I played it for 30 minutes and got a several case of motion sickness even with the FOV at max, I think it has to do with the player character speed and movement in general, maybe it feels too floaty and pointing around kind of makes it worse, have anyone else got the same problem?

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when i try to open the finished download it says operation not permitted is there any way to fix this?

It's back! Katherine's Revenge Pr0n... I mean, what?! 

Saving Ashley's Privates is up. I think I've got Madison, Stephanie and Ashley done... who's next?! 


everytime the game finishes installing it then dissapears from my library




Why cant i download the game? Every time i try it wont let me


I cant believe. This....

This map is a complete asset flip!/content/48976

I thought this game was pretty cool and then i saw this and realized you didnt put any work into your map...

Deleted 108 days ago

That is why i specified that the map is one. And if people want to use assets like map packs thats ok but they just took the demo scene and didnt put ayny work into the map... And as a solo developer this pisses me off because i love this game he needs to change the map though

Uncovering Stephanie! 

I am loving this game. It is cracking me up and making me so uncomfortable at the same time lol 

any mac fixes?



Work on putting it on a phone

 Came from Hat Film's YouTube channel

This looks great! Came from Hat Film's YouTube channel. Any chance you'll add VR support? I see it's Unity-based :)

this game when give him an update


How can i remove the "censored" signs from the game? They are so annoying

how do you get in the game TomeeSky can you tell me please help me get in house party

press "Escape" then deselect "Censored Nudity"


I use a Mac, and every time I try to open the application it says, this application cannot be opened. Please help

the game using only 14 of my cpu and it's so laggy to play plz help

by the way i have high end pc


This game is impossibly hard to play on mac, the fact I have to go through all these extra steps to unzip the file and play is ridiculous. Please come out for a simpler way to play, I downloaded itch and it just keeps asking for installation no way to actually play. I tried using unarchiver and that doesn't work either.


maybe you should get a PC instead or you could stop complaining


For some reason it doesn't work with my mac, fuck me, I should get a PC XD


Same did you find out the problem?

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