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Taking so long to download! :O

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it doesnt wanna download i did the exact thing that him croc said but when i click download it pops up thank for downloading but i cant see that its downloading plss help :( heeeeelp

allow popups for this website

how do i do that tho

are u using google chrome

don't worry I got it

thanks for the help though


how do i allow pop ups

You enable popups in Chrome by clicking the little lock icon on the html bar. It should be near the bottom. If you are using a different browser, look up how to disable pop-ups for that browser with a google search. Good luck.

The download isn't working everytime I press the right download (I also have winRAR) it just goes straight to "Thank you for downloading this game" (I tried 32 bit)

allow popups

(2 edits) as I go in this one pretty fun though.

Huge thank you to the dev for the mention and appreciate of the videos we've been posting. Check out more of the patreon build here - ChaditosWay -

If you're having trouble installing House Party, make sure to check this out!


Thanks! Added you to the list of YouTubers doing HP vids on the landing page for the new version.

Thanks! I appreciate it, just trying to help everyone out :)

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Hey guys, House Party 0.4.4 was just released for beta testing.

But before I get into the details of today's release, I'd like to take a minute and thank the following YouTubers;

Kubz Scouts
TurkVanGogH GameZ
The Hard Croc

In the past week, they've all done YouTube videos showcasing the House Party game, and have done wonders in getting the word out about this game. Go check out their channels and their videos. They are all really cool guys, and did an awesome job with their videos. I know some others have been popping up as well, and I appreciate all of you guys too, but these are the videos I've had the time to check out so far.

We also now have a Discord Channel set up where you guys can come and chat about the game and the latest happenings with Eek! Games, and also collaborate or talk about your custom stories.

Verison 0.4.4 is now available to supporters pledging $5 or more. To download the new version or to find out about how to become a supporter, you can visit my Patreon page.

As far as details about today's release, it's mostly a fine tuning of that came out to top tier supporters at the top of the month which includes a major story update with Katherine's character. There's also a new tutorial segment that happens the first time you load the game. You can additionally reset it at anytime if you'd like to go through it again. Be sure to check the House Party Version History to see exactly what changed since the last version you've played!


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how do you get the booze

Did a short impressions video of this over at my channel. :)

Thanks! FYI, you can close the phone by clicking on the same button again that you used to open it. Also, if you click on the ? you will get instructions on how to play the game. :)

Stephanie wants Whip-It? Fine. Easy-peasy. Stephanie wants wine? Cupboard and pants wine to the rescue!


lol.. nice commentary! Thanks for the vid!

Thanks for the game! Keep on keeping on :)

I don't know what to think of this game its fun but the controls are difficult, its a good concept and I would like to see where it goes.

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Here is more of the patreon only content. this video has many things that aren't featured in the build on Also if you can't download the game here. I have a working link in the desription on my video.

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Awesome video man, and thanks for the support. So glad you are enjoying the game. I put out a new release every month.

Thanks so much for the love on the videos. I really hope your game gets more support; people really enjoy it. One thing I keep getting asked is if there will be a female version where you can talk to guys at a party. Not sure if possible, but if a simple swap of characters and maybe short gameplay with no real endings would make some people happy. Either way, I love exploring all the endings and can't wait for more! Cheers!

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Turn off your popup blocker momentarily. The download loads in a popup page.


Wanted to give all the new people coming in a taste of what's to come when they get in game ;) Hahahaah

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to people who have trouble downloading on chrome: go to the star in the search bar and look to the left see that square thing? its cos chrome blocks popups and popups are way of downloading (it only opens for a sec)

I think I may have misread the situation.

If you are having trouble downloading the game head over to patreon to support the devs and get early access or check out my gameplay for more of the patreon exclusive builds. Thanks devs! Awesome work.

its not downloading

How can you download it in android?

How do you pull the shelf down on Frank?

How do you fill up the orgasm bar? Anyone know how

You can download it here also and it works

How long is this supposed to take to download?

It wil not let me download.


Nevermind I finally got it to work.



I can't download the game :( Please help me.

The game is really good and fun but if you get into a fight with frank,can you fight back?


This game is WILD hahaha

DEFINITELY had to... CENSOR a few things :P


LOL, That was.......................(I am not gonna spoil it!)

Goblin walking and a search for whipped cream... just another normal everyday house party.

(During the edit I discovered the cream's hiding place and so shall return to try and make Stephanie's dreams come true... and maybe we'll even get to dance.

I can't download the game and I also turned off my Adblocker and nothing happens.. please help :)

What is happening when you click the link. You can also download straight from the developer:

i cant download the game at all can you help?


Check to see if you have a popup blocker on. The download tries to open in a new window.

Is the download supposed to be very slow?

Yeah, ikr, my download speed is 37 kb/s

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Sorry guys, the game has been getting really popular the last couple days. Almost 3k downloads from alone today, so bear with me.

I downloaded it because Kubz Scotts played it on youtube so I would guess it is there everyone is coming from

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Yes, his video is very popular, but there have also been several others playing the game on YouTube over the past couple of days, and the game is also the #4 Top Game on right now, and it's the #3 Hot Game on so it's all of those factors.


I looked for forever and I couldn't find Madison's diary. Quite disapointing, I was looking foward to that quest :(

It's in the safe in the bedroom. You can get the combination by inspecting various items in the bedroom for clues.

The only thing I can seem to inspect in the master bedroom is the gastronomy book. Am I spposed to use something on it, or am I missing something?

Right, it tells you there's something etched into the book cover. Find the piece of paper in the study, and the pencil in the spare room. Use the paper on the book, and then the pencil on the paper.

that's what I thought, but I couldn't find any paper that I could pick up. I'll be looking again, thanks!

download isn't working for me

same here

You can grab them straight from the developer here:

When i downloaded it it wouldn't work but i had stuff that was blocking the pop-up. Check the address bar for a red x or turn off ad blocks, at least that's what worked for me.


Amazing gameplay cool developer love this game

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