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i don't have the phone jammer in my game

Does it even work for phone like IOS and androids

Why can't I download it, it says it's forbidden?

House Party Game was really fun to play. It's just somehow very addictive. Am I right?

my game turns all pink in the screen

Will mouse locking be added? I find it annoying that I have to right-click to move the camera.

If you got 64 bit and it lags try using the 32 bit

any sugestions how to remove lag?

why does the game lag so much?

I revisited this again to see what more it had to offer I figured some things out and well I realized my zipper comes down!

Can you get any of the endings for free? If not, please send me the game because I can not donate right now.

Can't Find Towel Plz Help

More outrageous adventures from the custom stoies this awesome community has created. This story involves Stephanie and getting her friends to dance with her.

Had anyone trying downloading it on there phone?


this might sound stupid but what file do you select to start the game once you've downloaded it?

no idea

Well that helps... i can't figure out how to actually open the game so i can play it.-.

is this a simulator gameplay? with no ending? please this game will not end i like not ending gameplay


umm i downloaded windows 64bit v and it says u cant run this game on ur pc??? how do i fix?

Fun experience, I had a bladt playing this, which I did not expect, but the banter down to the little classic gossip girls feel, I do like it alot xD I wanna play more! I think I shall! and I hope you guys do more this game was enjoyable!

Thanks for the video!

I had some fun at a party I don' t think I was invited to...

Thanks for the video!

Didn't make it as far in as I would have liked. My biggest suggestion is having to click to look around I found it a pain really. But loved playing the game otherwise!

Thanks for the video!

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Not working properly on Linux, 2d elements aren't displayed.

The android download is Linux, where is the android version?

There is no android version available. I've corrected the icon.

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If I could make an Android version that would be the fucking master I have it on my pc but I would Molaria for example go playing on the street and as you know I would recommend that it will do if you do I respond to download it 😉😀☺👌🏃📱 And I say do not censure it so wuaii sta !!!

the game doesn't completely fit on my monitor what can I do to fix it(I had to restart the game because I couldn't close madisons phone)

can u make a android version

Stephanie got a little... WILD


Great video! Great to see you having so much fun playing the game!

And here it is my FINAL (for now) episode of House Party where we beat Katherine's quest and finally get her to open up and have fun!

Seriously, thanks to everyone that has been watching my videos of House Party, it was way more popular than I could have imagined and is easily my most viewed Let's Play series on my channel so far.

And MASSIVE thanks to the developer who made a super fun game and was extremely helpful to me when he did not have to be.

Let's get this game greenlit on Steam and out to a bigger audience!

Deleted 4 years ago

If you got her to that point you should be able to get a blow job out of her.

Deleted 4 years ago

where is the android version

Playing some of the custom stories people created and I finally figured out somethings that I missed about Vickie Vixen. I have my theories on her. I hope more people make custom stories. It's probably the best part about this game.


Very cool that you showed custom story content. Thanks again! Great vid!


Not too sure how to progress in this game, but I had a good time LOL Two request: 1. Give tips during the game, it is diffucult to figure out how to complete tasks.

2. Sprint feature, so I can atleast run away from the skinhead LOL

Pretty dope game Eek, looking foward to updates

Thank you and thanks for the video! We have plans to add a lot to the game. It's still in very early development!

I played this game and I had... an interesting time to say the least.

Thanks for the video!

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I have found a large glitch where you can become max affection and friendship with madison early in the game by repeating the wanting a reward for finding her phone, then saying maybe later; it gives raises affection and friendship everytime.

Also- (another glitch) the towel item delets it's self out of your invantory every time you load a save, even sometimes out of the map if you didn't pick it up.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix these things for the new version.

I honestly don't know if this game is a horror, comedy, porn or just a pervert simulator! You need a good clean after playing this!

It's a little of each. :). Thanks for the vid!

no problem! Was fun to play honestly :)

when upload nwest?

So I saved a part in the game that I knew I was gunna get screwed on, so before I did it I saved it and did the thing I was going to so which involved taking alchohol, well everything went fine because I was going to get someone drunk and well that worked so I got frank to beat up patrick again and he was in another room not lookin at me and I took the jack daniels and he says he saw me, well I load up that last save and he said the same thing to me and the only thing that had changed was where I was in the house. Everything via the fighting and the topless girl were still a thing and ended up getting beat up. Please fix this because I had a decent amount of progress and now its lost.

Yes, I'm aware there are a few issues with the saves. I am ironing them out for the next version. Remember, this game is early access and is still in development!


why does it take 7 hours to download a game thats total bogas

The game is in extreme high demand right now and it's slowing down the server. You can grab it from GameJolt and you will get a quicker download.

That's weird, it only took 4 minutes for me...


We reached out the developers and got the game hosted directly on our platform, so downloads should be fast now

Hey thanks for featuring my video! I just now noticed haha. Anyways is there a way to censor this game? Me doing it manually takes a long ass time haha. Anyways I have a new video coming out soon :D. Love the game so far!

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You're welcome! I thought you did the best job showcasing it and you had some of the coolest fight scenes! Unfortunately, no there's no censor option in the game. Or not unfortunately? Depending on how you look at it? :)

Well a censor option would be extremely helpful for content creation :P. Regardless keep up the good work.

I'll keep that in mind down the line. Thank you, and sorry about the hassle! :) Also, don't know how far into your video you are already, but I can offer you the latest version if you'd like that has three more quests and a little more solid gameplay.

I've already recorded it, but a new version would be awesome :D. I can add you on discord if you want.

Hey meaty loved the video! accept for the fact that one part in it was not censored. but aye i understand that you have to go through a lot of time to edit a video and well people make mistakes and as im saying this riot didnt censor one of his videos at one point.

well meaty keep up the good work love your vids and also riot smells like ass!..

Hey everybody,

We just got news that House Party has been Greenlit on Steam! Thanks so much to all who voted for us!

We are filling out the paperwork and putting together a package, but soon you will be able to find us on one of the largest game distribution platforms ever to exist!

When I downloaded it from steam it was really laggy on my computer ... any ideas to fix this??

Besides that, the game is awesome. Good job!!

i downloaded it for my phone but its not working can anyone help me out plz thx.

Finally figured out one of the more difficult quests in the patreon 4.4 build. Katherine's ending. Check out this walkthrough for help. Huge thanks Devs! Love the game. I think I almost completed everything :) If the download isn't working check the links in the description or head to gamejolt.

Great vid! Thanks again so much!

is there a way to download it faster

try the gamejolt link. it has been consitantly working for most people.

Guys use game jolt to download it -

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