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Unable to download update 19.4

same for me

I tried to uninstall the game and but it's impossible to reinstall House Party

is this version of the game uncensored or do i need to install a patch?

Based off of information from the official website this is one of the few non-censored versions.

is there no demo?

when is this going to be on mac?

u can't play this on mobile?

Why isn't your Game on Steam anymore?

But it is on Steam.


hello fellow German, they region-blocked House Party from Steam in Germany because Germany's government kinda sucks.


Wenn die Götter dein Land verlassen, dann hol dir ne ~VPN und du wurdest perfekt konvertiert :)


Funktioniert aber nicht, da es das Land nimmt, über das du deinen letzten Einkauf getätigt hast


If i buy the current version (0.16.5) will i be able to download new updates for free or will i have to buy each version?

Deleted 1 year ago

Took me a while but i've finally did it with Leah!

Glad to see updates are still being put out! Still have to learn all my fight moves if i wanna beat up Frank and others, but still that won't help me from getting kicked out of the party 

So i've played some of the original story. I guess people didn't like me too much

Eating some strange vegan food and getting laid ... Never been more successful in this game lol

I really shouldn't be invited to party ...


wow  t his can be worth it

If I buy this and it doesn't work or I don't like it can I get a refund?



The game isn't available anymore for windows?

did you solve your problem? I can help if you didn't


make it free plz

Deleted 2 years ago

Better purchase by having money on you. 


need my refuned its not working on my cumputer


Make it free


maybe just a small part of the game idk


You broke? You better get a job or find a way to earn money. They are not making it free. They need the money to make improvements on the game. 


Hey, it doesn't show any of the girls pussies while they're being licked no matter how I move or zoom out the camera.  Has this been fixed, and if not can you fix it in future updates?


dude wtf, just visit pr0n hub if you wanna see a pussy

damn. Exactly.

they released an update which it contains uncensored version 


my game is not downloading and I really want to play

hope someone can help i have 2 problems one no story i dowloaded is working and i have it in the right place as i did look up where to put it and lastly i keep trying to play vickie vixen valentine but every time she keeps saying are you tryin to run from me or something and i lose every time but as soon as she says god finally i answer where you at and wait for her to come to me but to no avail she also seems to be further back to the left of the house and all the gameplays i seen she is at the bushes sorry this was long asf but if anyone knows whats goin on pls let me know


This is a game and it should be free.



its their game. if its original. they can sell the game for the price they want. this is also on Steam and GameJolt. Are you familiar of the phrase "Take it or leave it"? That means you can take the prices the way you are or leave homeboy. 


"Your card does not support this type of purchase"


I can't but it, please add paypal as a option for buy it.


Is it possible to add PayPal as a payment option? Stripe constantly declines my card, can't get the payment to go through.

Hey sorry about the crazy long response time, but that's an thing. Not a bad idea though!

Is this broken?  I can't even download updates to the game now...


Fixed two days later.

tried playing the game loads up just fine but there is no one in the house and it wont update ethier. any Ideas?

When this happens, and always when updating to a new version, the best practice is to delete the Eek! folder and any other House Party files before downloading the new version. That should work.

I guess it's never too late for Valentine's Day!

Finally we get to see the kinky side of Brittney!


Alright so Frank is.. something else. Did not expect that.

I would very much like to play this game on my computer, but it will not work because my computer is very old. How would you optimize the game? not only would I be grateful. Not many have an i7.  :(

Vickie Vixen is nuts, i was not expecting to get a blow in the tub out of the blue!

Hey guys! I just updated the Devlog with what we are working on right now! We are aiming to have the new Beta to you guys on December 7th :)

Rachel, I swear, is IMPOSSIBLE to complete in one go without a detailed instruction list! WOO. I tried seven times and just kept screwing up! But don't worry, the correct order of how to finally sleep with her once you start spoof texting is at the end. :P Censored... but still probably NSFW.

This game never ceases to amaze me.

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