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real fun


I really want to play this game but it wont install on mac. Somebody plz help

Had way too much fun playing this game for my own good!

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its not installing 


its not installing


its not installing


Fix version for Mac please, doesnt start up 

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I can't install the game? Im on Mac. Only able to download, then can't install. Just installs over and over, however, I can go into the local files in downloads, can open the game but it crashes. This is the error shown when I try to unzip it manually. Could not extract the file "" from the archive "": The archive is corrupted. (I'm using the unarchiver on Mac). The is the name of the zip file of the game.

how do i download the latest update?


I cant get the newest version of the game why

I thought there was an outside area, I relly want to know what's wrong. For some reason, there isn't one and I keep lagging. How can I play the game in these conditions? Some of the characters won't talk and it doesn't seem like the other quest are available, I've tried downloading them and deleting them bu nothing will work, I've tried switching the game starting setup. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

if you didn't know. that is in the later versions of the game and this one is probably earalier than what you've seen some other people playing. If you want to experience the gameplay, you'd have to donate to the creator's Patreon to get access to those features. Besides those options, there isn't much you can do except wait for it to release


Ive found the reason the Mac download doesn't work but I can't figure out how to fix it. When you go into the MacOS files in the game there isn't a exec file to launch the game but instead just a file with writing and scripts. idk how to fix it but other alternative download links do work but the color shading and shadows in the game isn't really messed up.

where did you find the alternative download

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Hello I have a problem so i can not understand how to do the mission where you have to make a ashley joke the first time with the beer

Wont download?

dude i cant find chardonnay in the laundry room help

When you walk in immediately turn left and open the closet door. Its on the floor in the bottom left of the closet.

i cant take out my phone or any other things in the lower right corner because its invinsible

pleasse help

Press i then you should find the inventory

Is the version available here a demo? There's a lot of objects missing (diary, etc.), and interactions I see available in playthroughs, but aren't here.

Most of the stuff is either hidden, or supposed to be combined from other stuff (The diary is in the master bedroom safe, in the closet. Use a sheet of paper from the office, and a pencil on a book in the master bedroom.)

when i installed the game  i could not open the exe file from winrar

I already downloaded this game but then when i play it there are no characters and also actions i can do in this game.What should I do? My PC is running Windows 10

Uninstall and reinstall?

i tried but i can't

it says the file download is forbidden

have u checked the settings to verify it?


how do you do that on a windows 10

idrk, u can search the net on how to download from unknown sites or something , or u can explore ur settings

could you fix the game for OSX? Like you literally can't make progress in the game t, house party is a reallyyy great game lol.

how did u even download it? i downloaded it but can't play on OS X

Did u check the settings? usually it will say that u can't play it yet cause it's from an unknown site or something, so u have to verify it in the settings forgot where specifically

This game is AWESOME!

Where is diary of Madison?

go into the master bedroom. Next to the bathroom door their is a closet. Open it to find a safe. To open the safe you need paper and a pencil and use it with a book on the mirror desk in the room. It contains the code to it and you will be able to access the diary.

  1. madisons diary is in the safe to get the code you will need to get the pencil and paper and place it on the book in the master bedroom, make shore to close the closet door so you dont get caught

When i start a new game the charracters wont spawn. How do i fix this

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Yeah! that happens to me too Pls Fix it    (I m on Windows BTW)


You need to disable your firewall because House Party wont be able to download the original story because its

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Kevin47. Disabling the firewall is absolutely stupid. Never Disable firewall. You need to add House Party as a rule in the firewall. To see how to do this watch this video. If you disable your firewall, you will allow viruses to get installed Really easy or other stuff. If you do disable firewall be sure to have a really good AntiVirus. I would suggest Avast or AVG

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You need to disable your firewall because House Party wont be able to download the original story because its


whenever I try to expand the zip to applications it says operation not permitted. Does anyone know a fix? I'm using Mac BTW.


Its saying "Find a download for this platform" even though im downloading both the Windows one, and also when I extract them it only extracts the data, not the launcher. Please help.

This looks really fun.


mac version wont install and when i open it manually it gives this error "The application "" can't be opened."

how do i fix this?


I'm having the same issue, mine says "Operation not permitted." Can you tell us what to do? I want to play it really bad!


hi yes you need to download a unarchiver like "rargeni" or "theunarchiver" and open it with that

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Finally it is time to have some fun with Rachael, finally time to touch that booty!

This game makes me smile wider than I ever should.

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