House Party Music Contest

House Party Music Contest - Public Round

Hello HParty people! As some of you may know, we’ve been hosting a wee little music contest with hopes of growing House Party’s in-game soundtrack. Over the past month, we received submissions from all over the globe, and our Patreon folk voted for their picks of the best of the best.

Now it’s time for your vote to be cast! People, prepare yourself for some seriously awesome tunes. Since there were 2 songs tied for 10th place, we’ve got 11 SONGS for you to vote on. They’re all realllll good, but don’t just take our word for it.

Hop into the link below to give the top 11 songs a listen and cast your vote for your favorites. We’re going to leave this live for 2 weeks, until April 4th, 2019. On that date, the 5 songs with the most votes will become part of House Party’s soundtrack and the winning artists will walk away with a good chunk of change (1st place: $1000.00 USD, 2nd-5th: $250.00 USD).

So clean out those ears and let’s get weird. Peace!

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