Happy Halloween Partiers!

Warning: There are spooky elements and creepy critters in this limited-time mini-update. If that makes the party too scary, read the instructions at the end of this post on how to not play the event and enjoy the original version of the game.

Happy Halloween, partiers! 

The house looks a little different this Halloween, and so do some of your fellow partygoers!

Madison's decked the place out with a few chilling decorations, and some of the more Halloween-minded guests have put on a sinister special accessory to celebrate. Be sure to fully explore the party, as you’ll encounter spine-chilling seasonal decor and a petrifying new limited-time cosmetic item!

This mini-update comes as a free temporary patch that’s available to all Gamejolt players. The eerie visuals will revert back to normal after the holiday, so enjoy them while you can!

Not in a Halloween mood? Are the new decorations too harrowing? To swap back to the regular base game version of the game, go to the Steam beta branch and select the previous game version! Feel free to do this at any time to get rid of the spooky seasonal appearance!

*Note: At this time, the seasonal accessory and household decorations are not available for use in custom stories.*

Please download HW_Itch to access the new content. 


HouseParty.1.0.3.x64.6ai9vb Redeploy_AO_No-DCDLC_itch.zip 3 GB
Oct 19, 2022
HP.1.0.3.Default_x64_AO.RC4.C25PL_HW_Itch.zip 3 GB
Oct 28, 2022

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