House Party is out of Early Access and the Female Player is live!

After five years of development, our passion project is finally released! This is an incredible milestone. Thanks so much, everyone, for your support throughout all of these years. We never would have come this far without your bug testing, translations, and feedback! We’re so excited for you to play the game we always want to make for you.

Just because we are coming out of Early Access though doesn’t mean we are going to stop working on the game. We feel the game is ready enough to no longer be considered Early Access, but translation updates will continue to be rolled out over the next week or two, and there will still be more polish, cutscenes, and Easter Eggs in the pipeline.  

And we hope you’re as excited as we are for the future ahead! 

Read the full announcement here:

House Party Version 1.0 is here! Join us in welcoming the female player to the party! 

While most of her story will feel familiar, the female protagonist has some story variations of her own: you'll be invited to the party by a different bestie, partygoers will react differently to you, you'll hear new background conversations, there will be some new ways to bond with familiar partygoers, and brand new romance scenes for the female player! 

Thanks for your patience, everyone! Adding her was a huge undertaking and we really appreciate your patience and help playtesting the first look. Have fun checking out the new content, enjoy partying as a female, and don’t forget to dive back into the game and (re)discover all the content we’ve added and guests we’ve invited through the years!

Check out all of the new changes here:

Note: Language translations won’t be available on launch day, but you can chill with us on our Discord to find out when they’ll be ready: 

It's officially time for us to start working full force on the Doja Cat DLC! Are you guys freaking stoked to party with her? It won’t be long until we can share some sneak peeks of Doja Cat gameplay, with Doja’s character fully voiced by Doja herself and some of her biggest songs added to the house playlist!


House Party 1.0.0 Windows 64 Bit 3 GB
Jul 19, 2022

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