House Party 0.6.2 Released to Beta Testers!

Hey guys!

House Party 0.6.2 has been officially released to Beta Testers today.  This version will also be released later this week on GameJolt, and next week on Steam.

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Here is a list of changes over the previous version:

General Bug Fixes
Revamped Player Motion
Revamped Sex Transitions and Motion
Revamped Sitting/Laying Transitions
Displays Error Message Now When Trying to Load Older Save Files
Door Configurations Now Save Correctly
Current States Now Save Correctly (Sitting/Laying/Etc..)
Player can now get in hot tub
Improved Breast Physics
Removed Slow Motion Effect During Player Orgasm (Many were complaining it just looked like a frame drop)
Made Censor Larger (was still showing nudity at some angles)
Fixed an issue in Ashley and Madison’s story that caused a negative reaction after a blowjob
Smoothed Fighting Animations
Revamped Save System to Fresh Load the Game and then Apply Save State (More consistent results)
Reworked player movement and animation syncing
Fixed camera glitches during sex scenes
Fixed a glitch that caused characters to sink through the bed during sex on some systems.
Added some Easter Eggs

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Linux version is broken. HUD is missing and shader are not working properly. Another Linux version of Unity has problem.


when is this update going to be free?

help me