House Party Alpha 0.9.1 Released to Beta Testers

Hey guys!

House Party 0.9.1 has been released to Beta testers, and we should have the stable release out here late next week! In the meantime, here's what we're up to :)

 Here’s House Party 0.9.1!  We’ve been working hard to tie up the loose ends and fix the issues with Ashley’s new story, and we’ve also added voice acting to the mix and a bunch of other bells and whistles.

 Ashley’s revamped story-line now includes an intricate dialogue tree with over 200 new lines of voiced dialogue.  Almost every action you take will affect the way Ashley reacts to you and will ultimately play a part in how your night ends.  There are two additional sex scenes added to Ashley’s story, both of which are achieved in completely different ways. Become the prank protege and help Ashley take down Madison or just rely on your suave conversation skills to seal the deal.



  • Occlusion issues in the garage
  • Can’t interact with Ashley again after completing her story


  • Added voice acting for Ashley
  • Added voice acting for Patrick
  • Added voice acting for Vickie
  • Added voice acting for Derek
  • Added voice acting for Madison
  • Added male sitting down and standing up animations
  • Revamped player movement
  • Guys can now dance
  • Updated Marijuana model
  • Updated Blue Hair Dye Model
  • Updated Chocolate Bar model
  • Updated Towel Model
  • Updated Safe Model
  • Aligned most NPC/NPC sex positions
  • Guys now cover when nude
  • Tweaked “Cover when nude” AI
  • Characters now stop covering when nude if they are too drunk to care
  • Character no longer cover when nude if they are comfortable around surrounding characters
  • Tab key now toggles Orgasm meters
  • Moved “Ashley’s Top” hitbox up slightly for better accessibility
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck behind the pouf
  • General optimization and performance tweaks
  • Added a “Limit FPS” slider to escape menu
  • Changed the default quality setting to “Good”
  • Console:  Added more commands and updates to existing commands (type “help” for more info)

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