House Party Alpha 0.9.0 Released to Alpha Testers

Hey guys,

House Party has been released to Alpha Testers, we hope to have the stable release up in a couple week! In the meantime, here's the new stuff!

 Ashley’s revamped story-line now includes an intricate dialogue tree with over 200 new lines of (soon-to-be) voiced dialogue.  Almost every action you take will affect the way Ashley reacts to you and will ultimately play a part in how your night ends.  There are two additional sex scenes added to Ashley’s story, both of which are achieved in completely different ways. Become the prank protege and help Ashley take down Madison or just rely on your suave conversation skills to seal the deal.

 As this new story transitions the game to a much more dynamic experience from a previously more linear state, we are still actively working bugs out of the story, so we expect to be tightening things up over the next week in our Beta sprint, as well as commissioning for voice acting.  Also, we’ll be adding in some new animations and NPC mechanics!


  • Updated Ashley’s story in the Original Story
  • Added quest “Military Precision” to the Original Story
  • Added quest “Magic Mike” to the Original Story
  • Added quest “Runner Runner” to the Original Story
  • Updated all alcohol models
  • Increased performance of culling and gameplay
  • Optimized and enhanced Frank’s model
  • Frank now has a penis
  • Optimized and enhanced Patrick’s model
  • Patrick now has a penis
  • Optimized and enhanced Derek’s model
  • Derek now has a penis
  • Updated joint model
  • Updated eyedrops model
  • Updated Painkillers model
  • Added Allergy Medication Texture to Painkillers
  • It’s now possible for NPCs to have sex with one another
  • Improved Lighting in dim areas
  • Upgraded to Unity 2017.3.1
  • Fixed a bug where loading a save from a different story you are currently playing would break the load
  • Console:  Can now change the size of characters, and certain interactive items and game objects
  • Console:  Can now modify the size of several character body parts
  • Console:  Added additional emotes that can be executed
  • Console:  WarpTo now also accepts Vector3 (X, Y, Z) coordinates
  • Console:  Can now remove most items successfully from the player’s inventory
  • Console:  Can now modify personality traits for each character in a story
  • Console:  Improved readability, formatting, and over time, better help text
  • Console:  Misc. minor sub-command fixes and additions
  • Console:  Can now rotate the cross-hair into a cross position, change its color, and change its size

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