0.8.8 Public Release

0.8.8 Public Release


Happy Valentine’s Day from Eek! Games!

In a break from our normal release cycles, we have been getting a special Valentine’s Day story ready for you these past few weeks, and we are pleased to announce it’s arrival!

This new update of House Party includes a brand new story:

A Vickie Vixen Valentine

This release also includes some minor fixes and adjustments needed for Vickie’s new story:

  • Added alternate panties to Vickie’s model
  • Increased the clickable area on the gutter
  • Adjusted the way some items are shown in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes dialogues can break and you can’t talk to anybody anymore.
  • Minor updates to command console’s feedback and help texts.

0.8.8 Redeploy


  • Fix for Vickie running away during Never Have I Ever
  • Fix for gutter not being clickable
  • Optimizations and performance tweaks for new content
  • Dialogue audio now streams from HDD (smaller memory footprint)
  • Added ambient yard noises


House Party 0.8.8 Windows 64 Bit 1 GB
Feb 14, 2018
House Party 0.8.8 Windows 32 Bit 1 GB
Feb 14, 2018

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do these public release downloads still work?

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Will you make this game available for android? Plz