0.8.7 Public Release

Hey guys!

Here’s House Party 0.8.7!  This includes a fully-voice acted conclusion to Amy’s story as well as a fully voice-acted and finalized version of Date Night With Brittney.

From here, we will be working on a new Valentine’s Day story that will be released on the big day as a bonus story to all players.  After that, we will begin work on 0.9.0 which will include a revamping of Ashley’s story-line, and the addition of a full story-line for Ashley that will open more intimate doors with her than already implemented.

As always, thank you for your support, and enjoy the release!


  • Optimized and Enhanced Katherine’s model
  • Added Brittney voice acting to Date Night With Brittney
  • Added Katherine voice acting to Original Story
  • Combat system tweaks
  • Fixed an issue where sex could be interrupted by other story events
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes gravity wouldn’t be applied to some animations
  • Fixed an issue with Ashley walking away from the spare room during “Humiliate Ashley” quest
  • Fixed an issue where some surfaces were see-through
  • Fixed an issue where strafing right would cause the player to move forward-right
  • Fixed an issue with sounds sometimes continuing longer than they shoud
  • Updated Instructions page
  • Added Discord link to main menu
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs sometimes not getting to important locations
  • Fixed an issue where Vickie gets her panties back after you’ve taken them if she leaves the hot tub
  • Fixed an issue where triggering a dialogue from the command console breaks the console
  • Lighting Updates
  • Added toggle switches to Main Menu to turn off real-time lights and shadows
  • Fixed some issues with translation of stories other than the Original Story
  • Optimized and Enhanced Rachael’s model
  • Added Amy voice acting
  • Added Brittney voice acting
  • Added Madison voice acting
  • Added Ashley voice acting
  • Added Patrick voice acting
  • Added new Amy sound effects
  • Added new Brittney sound effects
  • Madison can now catch you snooping through her phone
  • Fixed an issue with Derek freezing after removing his shirt
  • Fixed an issue where you could dare Brittney or Amy to take off clothes they already removed
  • Fixed an issue with clothes disappearing when looking at a character from a certain angle.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs not getting re-dressed after moving from one hot tub seat to another
  • Added animations for sitting down and standing up
  • Fixed an issue where dialogues would not play
  • Fixed an issue with the player and NPCS sometimes floating above hot tub seats
  • Added another column to the inventory “Use With/Give” screen (now supports up to 24 items)
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t take his clothes off in combat
  • Corrected a bunch of typos
  • Optimized and Enhanced Amy’s Model
  • Amy underwear redesign
  • Added alternate Amy underwear design
  • Completion of Amy’s Scavenger Hunt story in the Original Story (Path 2)
  • Bug fixes and tweaks to Slumber Party at Madison’s
  • Bug fixes and tweaks to Date Night With Brittney
  • Tweaked combat mechanics
  • Madison now beats the shit out of Patrick when you tell her he’s stealing
  • Added 2 new scavenger hunt items to Amy’s story in the Original Story
  • Reduced clipping through couches and chairs during talking animations
  • Adjusted graphics and shadows quality to be more appropriate for quality level selected
  • Shadow enhancements
  • Added “Shadows” toggle (Only toggles real-time shadows) to UI Menu for additional user-level performance tweaks
  • Continuation of Amy’s Story (Path 1)
  • Added new Original Story quest: “Chasing Amy”
  • Updated Story: Date Night With Brittney
  • Updated Madison’s Model
  • Females now cover and try to hide themselves if they are naked around others they are uncomfortable with.
  • Moved the coffee to a more reasonable location
  • Updated Combat Mechanics
  • Female Combat Mechanics
  • Smoothed a lot of the animation transitions over
  • Fights now move along much more quickly
  • Tamed NPC emotes so they are less pronounced when speaking, and not have varying levels of expression
  • Added more real-time lights
  • Lighting Tweaks and Updates


House Party 0.8.7 Windows 64 Bit 1 GB
Feb 03, 2018
House Party 0.8.7 Windows 32 Bit 1 GB
Feb 03, 2018

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