0.8.3 Public Release

Hey Guys! I am pleased to announce the stable release of House Party 0.8.3!

This is a huge update with a great new quest, upgraded mechanics, new animations, holiday decorating, model makeovers, bug fixes, and lots of polishing! First things first, we added the new quest “Scavenger Hunt with Amy” which is far from a linear quest, in fact there’s more than one way to get a couple items which may surprise and shock you! You will notice that select areas of the house have upgraded lighting that flickers and moves dynamically, and the game as a whole has new lighting that plays well over the NPC’s and makes it a bit easier to see in the backyard. The player will also experience much better mechanics and feel with combat and more debaucherous acts! Vickie, Brittney, Ashley, and Stephanie all got model makeovers which not only look great but the optimization will also help the game run better on less robust systems.

Please reference below for a comprehensive list of updates with this build!

Happy Holidays and Happy Partying!!

P.S. Many of you may have seen information out there about the upcoming Date Night with Brittney Story. We have decided that we want to tweak and polish it a bit more before releasing it to you, but you should expect it with the next release in January!


( Stable Release 12/22/17)

  • Lighting Updates
  • Brittney model tweaks
  • Fixed some story bugs and inconsistencies
  • Fixed some story typos
  • Save and Load game menu now pauses the game
  • Fixed the way some inventory items display in the inventory
  • Fixed a number of regression bugs from the path finding update.
  • Optimized and fixed some combat issues
  • Added a “Stephanie doesn’t want that right now” message when trying to give Stephanie the wine too soon.
  • Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn’t compliment Stephanie
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t repeat Frank’s intimate scene with the player
  • Fixed an issue with Brittney following Stephanie around
  • Fixed an issue with the crosshairs not being visible after a loaded game
  • Fixed an issue with some sound effects not obeying the master audio slider
  • Looped sound effects now pause when the game is paused (not the music though, sorry!)
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be transported to the living room when starting cunnilingus with Stephanie regardless of where he is
  • Fixed an issue with Frank not walking back to his chair sometimes
  • Added censor bar offsets for certain sex acts that have angles that show your junk
  • Bolted down a few more intractable objects so they don’t get lost, causing the game to break.
  • Modified “WarpTo” to warp in front of objects, so there’s not a chance to accidentally get stuck when using console commands or the custom story creator.
  • Updated Brittney model
  • Added Brittney Voice Acting
  • Added Derek Voice Acting
  • Added Amy Voice Acting
  • Added Stephanie Voice Acting
  • Added Frank Voice Acting
  • Added Derek Voice Acting
  • Added Patrick Voice Acting
  • Added Rachael Voice Acting
  • Added Madison Voice Acting
  • Added Ashley Voice Acting
  • Updated AI for motion, pathing, and surrounding area awareness
  • Fixed some issues with Amy’s story
  • Enhanced Lighting in select areas
  • Fixed some objects disappearing when you get too far away from them
  • Fixed some typos in various stories
  • Fixed a bug where you can take Patrick’s Merlot out of his hand
  • Fixed lines referencing Frank’s “table”
  • Made Ashley’s Top more easily accessible
  • Fixed “Initializing…” message on the main menu never going away
  • Fixed an issue with a save game error
  • Fixed an issue where Patrick stops roaming after he sobers up
  • Fixed an issue with Frank not walking back to his chair after some interactions
  • Fixed an issue with getting knocked out with the radial menu open breaks the game
  • Re-worked audio/music sliders
  • Fixed lip syncing so that it works well regardless of the audio slider setting
  • Fixed an issue with the liquor cabinet not opening sometimes
  • Smoothed mouse movement and fixed issues with frame drops
  • Fixed an issue with the dialogue closing when asking Derek where to find a bottle of water
  • Aligned cunnilingus better
  • You can no longer ask Madison about Brittney after she leaves the study
  • Updated Amy’s “Original Story” Story
  • Updated Lighting
  • Added Light Probes for Transitional Lighting
  • Added Christmas decorations
  • Fixed an issue where the Game Menu wouldn’t come up after a fade-out
  • Reworked the mouse movement, resulting in a smoother experience
  • Reworked some v-sync issues that were causing some NPCs to not move during sex scenes
  • Fixed an issue where characters would no longer look at you when talking after a game reload
  • Fixed an issue where the Merlot could be drank from outside the player’s inventory
  • Fixed issues with OSX crashing, freezing, and stuttering
  • Fixed an issue where girls would put their bathing suits on to get in the hot tub even if they were already bottomless
  • Added “Scavenger Hunt” quest
  • Updated Amy’s “Original Story” story
  • Updated Vickie’s model
  • Updated Stephanie’s model
  • Updated Ashley’s model
  • Added a mechanism where characters can now catch you stealing
  • Fixed an issue with input lag
  • You can now turn your head up to 120 degrees while sitting and during sex acts
  • Bringing up the Game Menu now pauses the game
  • Added bushes to the back yard
  • Game now comes bundled with latest story in case it can’t reach the server for updates
  • Various performance tweaks


House Party 0.8.3 Windows 64 Bit 1 GB
Dec 22, 2017
House Party 0.8.3 Windows 32 Bit 1 GB
Dec 22, 2017

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