0.8.0 Released to Alpha Testers!

Hey guys! House Party Alpha 0.8.0 has been released to Alpha testers. Here is a change log so you all can see whats coming in a couple weeks! Don’t let the short change log fool you. There is a LOT of new content in this build!

First off, the first part of Amy’s story is now included in the game. We will be doing another Alpha sprint next week to finish up her story, but there’s a good chunk included here already.

On top of that, there’s an entirely new story-line called “Date Night With Brittney”. You’ll need to back out to the main menu to play this story, and select it from the drop-down as if it were a custom story. DNWB starts you off as just arriving to Brittney’s house on your first date. The story can play out to 5 different endings depending on your choices throughout the night! This story is also an “official” Eek! story, so it will be completely voice-acted for the beta sprint.

There has also been a lot of performance tweaking in this build, so anybody having issues with input lag last build, we are hoping things will be better for you.

0.8.0 (Alpha 11/23/17)

  • Added “Scavenger Hunt” quest
  • Updated Amy’s “Original Story” story
  • Added “Date Night With Brittney” story
  • Updated Vickie’s model
  • Updated Stephanie’s model
  • Updated Ashley’s model
  • Added a mechanism where characters can now catch you stealing
  • Fixed an issue with input lag
  • You can now turn your head up to 120 degrees while sitting and during sex acts
  • Bringing up the Game Menu now pauses the game
  • Added bushes to the back yard
  • Game now comes bundled with latest story in case it can’t reach the server for updates
  • Various performance tweaks

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