0.7.7 Public Release


Hey there party people! 0.7.7 is now public! This update is bringing a ton of new features, new quests, and the ability to get drunk! You will notice a ton of aesthetic updates as well including the house layout, lighting improvements, and a neighborhood background. 0.7.7 also brings an update to the story creator that supports non-western characters, and a translation template that allows for easy translation of House Party into any language. We used this template to bring you an official Chinese translation of the game that is also available now.

Thanks to you all for your continued support and love for House Party!

Please enjoy this update, and stay tuned for future developments!

0.7.7 (Beta 11/9/17)

  • Improved lighting
  • Improved translation tools and mechanics
  • Added official Chinese translation to the game
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t take Madison’s diary
  • Fixed a bug with Katherine not responding to the cell jammer
  • Fixed a bug with the Load Game menu not working from the main menu
  • Fixed an issue with items moving around in drawers on loaded games`
  • Command console improvements
  • Fixed and issue with the Game Over text not popping up correctly
  • Fixed an issue where you could still chat with an NPC if you died while talking to them
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added voice acting Lines for new dialogues
  • Improved lighting
  • Re-painted the house
  • Added a neighborhood and trees
  • Rearranged a lot of items to pave the way for new stories
  • Player can now only drink alcohol that is already in his inventory
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to ask Ashley to hand over her dirty clothes while at unintended locations
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to spin with enthusiastic anger when they forget how to use a door
  • Improved/smoothed continuous dialogue interactions with Brittney
  • Fixed some issues with NPCs not getting re-dressed after coming out of the hot tub
  • Fixed an issue where you could escape Frank’s wrath by sicking him on Patrick (Sorry)
  • Fixed an issue where Madison could incorrectly catch you stealing her diary when she’s too far away
  • Fixed an issue where events in “Derek Smash” can happen before you get the quest
  • The kitchen slider can now be opened from inside as well as outside
  • Fixed duplicate thought bubble on the Raymond line in Madison’s dialogue
  • Fixed an issue preventing the completion of one of Madison’s quest-lines
  • Fixed an issue with completing the “Express Yourself” quest when some characters are in various states
  • Fixed an issue where the text would re-size on the Load Game dialogue
  • Bolted down a lot of items that could get lost or move somewhere that hinders the story
  • Removed Beer Pong Table and other “Party” elements so they can be re-introduced down the line as directed by the story
  • Finished Vickie’s Story
  • Enabled “Training Day” quest
  • Added NPC reactions to the Player getting drunk
  • Added NPC reactions to the Player masturbating
  • Added NPC reactions to the Player having sex
  • Improved drunk mechanics
  • Added the ability to customize roaming locations to the custom story creator
  • Added random starting locations for most NPCs
  • Modified the places Kat is allowed to roam during her story.  She now has a 50% chance to go somewhere where you can take pictures
  • Made it so radial menu options of the same type always show up in the same spot
  • Fixed some save/load issues
  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Fixed some bugs with the washer/dryer and Ashley’s clothing
  • Added “Training Day” quest
  • Added “Derek Smash!” quest
  • Updated Vickie’s story
  • Updated Derek’s story
  • Updated Amy’s story
  • Updated Frank’s story
  • Updated Patrick’s story
  • Added language translation support for dialogues
  • Added a new sexual interaction
  • Player can now drink alcohol and get drunk
  • Upgraded to Unity 2017
  • Huge path-finding update
  • Combat system updates and new animations
  • Fixed an issue where characters won’t get redressed upon exiting the hot tub after loading from a saved game
  • Updated story creator to support non-western language characters (Chinese, etc…)
  • Added the ability for Rachael to overhear you conspiring with Katherine
  • Fixed a number of issues in Ashley’s story
  • Added a Derek hint about the red/blue flower situation
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Updated UI to automatically scale with screen resolution
  • Removed UI scale slider
  • Added a scroll feature to the dialogue responses when there are a lot of options
  • Adjusted the Steam censor so it doesn’t censor the entire screen (just the naughty bits!)


House Party 0.7.7 Windows 64 Bit 1 GB
Nov 09, 2017
House Party 0.7.7 Windows 32 Bit 1 GB
Nov 09, 2017

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